Sunday, September 07, 2008

Music Tag

I got tagged to do was really fun, but definitely hard choosing which song to use, especially when there were 2 or three good ones for the same question!

Rules of the game:
- Choose a singer/band/group
- Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group

Carrie Underwood
(I know these aren't "her" songs, but they worked for me! :) )

1. Are you male or female?

"All-American Girl"

2. Describe yourself.

"I Feel Like a Woman"

3. How do people feel when they’re around you?

"So Small"

4. How would you describe your previous relationships?

"When Will I Be Loved"

5. Describe your current relationship.

"Just a Dream"

6. Something you want to say to your significant other?

"I'll Stand by You"

7. How do you feel about love?

"Love is a Battlefield"

8. What’s your life like?

"Lessons Learned"

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish?

"Jesus, Take the Wheel"

10. Say something wise.

"I Told You So"

I think most people have been tagged...but I'll tag Maggie, Meaghan, Beth D. and anyone else who reads this and hasn't been tagged yet but wants to have fun!

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Anonymous said...

I love Carrie Underwood! She's got an awesome, powerful voice!