Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The "Little" Things

I am so thankful that God cares about the little things. At work we now have to wear uniforms...shoes included. Well, I just bought a pair of shoes at the beginning of the summer and didn't really feel like buying another pair. But, nonetheless, I had to. So, I figured I would just buy some cheapo ones from Wal-mart and get some gel inserts or something since my feet are really bad and I think cheap shoes would only make them begin hurting sooner in the work day.

Anywan, I went to Kohl's on Saturday night with my brother. I decided to look at their clearance shoes. I am not a fan of shoe shopping just because I have a hard time finding my 11W size. Add that the shoes either have to be black or white, and you're really narrowing down your choices!

However, with God, all things are possible. I found a pair of Reebok (not my first choice, but it beats a no namer, I would think) shoes, all white except for a little bit of light blue and light gray (which is okay) for $23.99, which was 60% off.

The down side is that today, after wearing them for just 5 hours at work, my feet were killing me! I am hoping that it's just because it was my first time wearing them. They seem like they should be really good shoes. I do have to wear them for 8 hours on Friday and I'm a little worried about that.

Do you have any recent stories of seeing God care about the "little" things in your life?

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Leanne said...

I started losing my voice yesterday morning. By the time I got through my 8 am meeting, the little bit I had was pretty much gone completely. For most people, being without a voice at work is difficult and frustrating. For me, being able to raise my voice and speak clearly is almost essential - the vast majority of my residents are hard of hearing! I was only worried about 1 woman, who is nearly deaf and has difficulty understanding me normally! But God cares about the little things - He restored enough of my voice at lunch for me to see this woman and communicate with her without too much frustration. Of course, it promptly left again after that :)