Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Loving Eyes

Love. It seems simple. Yet, it's hard. Over the past three or so months, I have been continually reminded about how much I don't love. I'm really judgmental. I stereotype before I meet a person. Sometimes it goes the other way and I "predict" that someone is nice before I meet them, but often times it's negative judgments. I want to love like Jesus loves. I want to see people through his eyes. I want loving eyes.

Instead of seeing a girl immodestly dressed as trashy (or another array of unkind labels), I want to see the girl who, for her whole life, wanted a father to tell her she was precious and beautiful.

Instead of seeing a person who reeks of body odor and who is wearing clothes from last decade as a lazy person, I want to see the person who lost their job and now lives where the showering conditions are less than acceptable.

Instead of seeing the burn victim as someone I should pity because society looks down on them, I want to see the person who is a testimony of God's grace.

Instead of seeing the teen with cuts on their wrists and labeling them an attention-getting, depressed "freak", I want to see the hurting child who craves love in a way I have never had to crave it.

Instead of seeing the homeless man as a moocher, alcoholic, or druggie, I want to see the man who was injured on the job and can't find work.

Instead of seeing the tattooed, pierced guy as a rebel, I want to see the guy who had a rough childhood.

(Side note: please don't think that I think all immodestly girls have uninvolved fathers or that all homeless people are druggies, etc., but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. )

There's so many people that want love and attention. People that go through life constantly feeling rejected by society. Worse yet, there are too many people who feel shunned by supposed God-loving people.

But, if we truly love God, shouldn't we also love the people He would love? Did He not love the prostitute? The cripple? The adulterer? Are we above God that we can't associate with "those" type of people?

Too often I judge. Too often I don't love. And far too often I do these things right after praying for a love like His and for eyes like His.

I leave you with these two songs. Songs that have convicted me and songs that have made me cry:

Love Them Like Jesus by Casting Crowns

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath (lyrics can be viewed by clicking "more info")

Questions: None for this post. However, if you are like me and struggle with this, I encourage you to ask God for a fresh perspective. I can't guarantee it will come soon (I've been praying for months, yet change, although occuring, has been slow), but I can guarantee God will be honored through your desire to please Him and I do know He can change you.


Michelle said...

You're not alone in feeling this way. I think unconditional love is the pivotal point of a Christian's walk, simply because I feel like that embodies who Jesus is, and He is who we should strive to emulate.

Laurie Lynn said...

"The Hiding Place" was a dvd my daughter got for Christmas. We watched it recently and I wept at the brutal harshness and how Corrie Ten Boom and her sister could continue in love amidst such horrific and hate filled conditions. Only through Christ.
Christ alone! Sometimes I say, "I cannot muster enough grace or love for this (or that)." Then I'm reminded that No! I can't "muster" enough (any!) grace or love in and of myself! Only through Christ! I can only throw myself on His mercy to give grace to love anyone at all!!! (And I must keep in mind that I am a (saved) sinner that could have labels even worse than you've mentioned (Sinners without Christ are Totally Depraved.) (Hitlers and capable of worse) and only by His mercy, grace and love and through Christ's atonement are we able to stand acceptable to Holy God! God is Love. His love is amazing! I want to love like Jesus loves, too! Sorry if I digressed from your post thoughts. The Lord has been reminding me of my total depravity lately, so I sort of went that direction!
Thank you for your good and convicting thoughts!

PS I really like the new look of your blog!

Laurie Lynn said...

I'd like to try to summarize my long comment! Understanding our own total depravity in comparison to God's holiness and love aligns our view of ourselves and others, helps dispel negative judgements and frees us to love God more and love more like God.