Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Too Used to Sin

For those that have had the joy of driving in my car (*wink*) in the past several months, you know that my car was not a luxury ride... in fact, it was quite annoying. Why? Because the roof latch broke, so the roof was constantly rattling. At times it shook so badly and was so loud that you'd think the car was about to fall apart. My carpool girls were always so gracious by saying it "isn't that bad," but I was embarrassed when people drove with me. It was awful when it came to having conversations. If the windows were down (which often they had to be, due to no working AC), it was next to impossible to do anything buy yell to communicate. I got used to it and it rarely bothered me, but I was very aware of it when people were with me, and I was always apologizing for it.

Anyway... as of last night, this is a non-issue. My dad got the part for the car and fixed it. You'd think I would have noticed right away that it wasn't rattling. But I didn't. I had gotten so used to the constant noise. However, after a bit of time into my ride, I noticed the quiet, and rejoiced in the absence of the noise.

And, it got me thinking how that constant noise is like sin in my life. Sin becomes so much a part of me that I rarely notice it until I sin around others and find myself embarrassed and apologetic. Unlike the car roof, sin is not an easy fix. At least not in my life. And even though at times I may struggle less in certain areas, I'm never immune to it. With God's help, I will continue battling sin until the day I die. But, how wonderful it is to know that at the cross my sins were paid for by the blood of Jesus. I am no longer a slave to sin. I am forgiven, always. Hallejuah!


Confessionsofafutureweddingplanner said...

That is so true sarah! I was just thinking aboout how I am never just satsified with God.

~ Brandy

Laurie said...

Hallelujah! For God's forgiveness and for less car rattling noise!

Zoanna said...

You're so right. Great analogy. See, that car is good for a whole lot of "spir-apps!"

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